About us

Fanatical attention to details and no compromise engineering will result in addictive art of natural sound every hour a day and seven days a week. When you listen to our speakers, you’ll hear the music and not the speakers.

LUKASE is basicly a technology and design business for designing audio solutions that I am passionate about. Passion is all about details. The workplace is more reminiscent of a laboratory than a factory. Our products is handcrafted, with passion.

We started with designing and manufactoring a speaker system based on using high end Full Range Drivers. The first speaker systems is a bipolar line array with a woofer, Passive Radiator and super tweeters (ATM). A smart hybrid solution with omnidirectional soundstage.


THIS IS A CONCEPT DESIGN – This speaker can only be custom made
The development work for these speakers brought many new ideas and provided practical experience.

As part to our speakers we will present solutions regarding the signal path and amplification. Our plan is to manufacture, import and distribute a few selected products, for best soundstage. We are continiously looking into different solutions for this part.

The basic philosophy is to supply the high end and pro market with top quality at sane cost.

The soundstage have to be natural and uncolored, as the original recording. It´s not always easy but the goal is undoubtedly just that.

As the founder and designer, I hope to launch some new exciting products. I hope my experience of thinking out of the box, will help us find unexpected and addictive solutions.

I love when music touches me and that requires good music source and excellent equipment.

As a result from all this work, we also distribute some selected basic components to our market

The company Lukase AB was established 1987

Born and raised in an urban environment, but I have been living in the countryside for many years, which gives me more peace of mind and suits my creativity.

Lauri Pappinen

My background;
I got my first soldering iron 1963. Two years later I built my first DIY speaker system and in 1974 I  graduated as an engineer in electronics.
I started a number of businesses during 50 years time (electronics, computers, magazine and book publishing, internet services, vineyard with destillery, cargo and audio design).
I have to work with passion to make it work for me. So audio and wine is a kind of long time passion and mental drug, for me. I enjoy and consume only nice performence of music and wine. Life is to short for anything else.