——————————————————————— “Raw sound is a concept for natural music, using multi-directional speakers”

Lukase Audio Floorstand speaker RAW 12
provides live sound in your living room as if you were at the concert

The speakers reproduce the dynamics and details of a recording. We like to have reflected sound, so the room is important for radiation pattern.
The engineering and production is made in Sweden, with a no compromise thinking. The design is definitely not mainstream. It uses 12 drivers in a hybrid design. And only 50 liter volyme.
The enclosure is made of three layer concept in combination with aluminium resulting in a very vibration damping solution.  This is a very stiff cabinet ending in a  weight of 60 kg each.
The result is a natural, surround sound with spaciousness, for you to enjoy. Honestly, there is a certain risk of being seduced by the experience.
A short review “… a floor-stander creating a light, airy sound, very open and transparent from the full-range drivers ..
Lukase Audio RAW12 (Swedish)


We use and recommend Studio Master Mains  Purifier from England, to handle the increasing pollution of the mains and for better performence of your equipment.
Puritan Audio Labs Mains Purifier PSM136

Puritan is a company that focus on cleaning the mains power, for better sound.
We are the distributor for Puritan Audio Labs in Sweden


Summary comments from visitors;
“…awesome natural airy with a great sense of live music for all kinds of music… I did not expect this amazing sound… I was blown away… I get goose bumps…”

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